Friday, February 10, 2017

7 December 2016

Sorry for not writing yesterday... I forgot to tell you all that we had changes yesterday. But yay... we had changes.... I am still here in La Gomera but Hermana Pineda left. I am now with Hermana Ramos. She is from Mexico which makes 3 mexicanas in a row. Crazy how that happens sometimes... But she just left from Barcenas so it has been fun to see all that has been happening there in the ward and how the Familia Sanchez and everyone else is. And the last few days have been crazy on Monday we had to change houses because they opened an area of Elderes in La Gomera and they now life in our old house. So we were running around crazy trying to get everything figured out but our house right now is a huge mess with moving and everything... but it is all good. Really last change passed in the blink of an eye... some days I feel like we just do not even have time to breath with all that we have to do.. but the good things is that we are lost in a good cause. I still cannot believe that we are in December... it has been hot here and so it has made it not feel anything like Christmas time. But I really do love this time of year because it gives us a chance to think about and reflect on the life of the Savior and all that he does for us. I love being able to be here in the mission for it because it means that we are focused more on the true meaning of Christmas. The things of the world really do not matter. But yeah... all is super well just working hard and trying to find new people to teach. Hope that you all have a great week! Les amo mucho! Hermana Stewart

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