Friday, February 10, 2017

24 Jan 2017 Unexpected Changes

Well first off I have learned that nothing in the mission is sure... you think that you have everything all figured out and then life just throws a punch... Well as I wrote last week I thought that I would be staying in Patulul for my last change... Well you can imagine my surprise when on Tuesday night at 10:31 I finished a call with the Zone Leaders telling me that I need to be in changes the next morning at 6:30. And that I was still going to be a Hermana Leader. So I began packling everything once again as fast as I could so that I could sleep a little bit before waking up at 2:30 to take a bus to get to changes. Oh the adventures you will have Hermana Stewart. But that is how I am now in Palin... which is an area that is between the Capital and the Coast... it is the weird meeting point and the climate just does not seem to know what to do here. But the only thing that I do know is that I am always cold here... and it is normal about 70 degrees... which means that when I get home I am going to be like an ice cube. But hey that is fine. I am actually really excited for this change. My new companion is Hermana Ugarte. She is from San Pedro Sula Honduras. And I am excited about being an Hermana Leader in this area... we are in charge of 2 of my old areas. Barcenas and Linda Vista so I am excited for the chance that I will have to go visit and work there. Really I cannot believe the time in the mission. I now only have 5 weeks left... it has flown by incredibely fast. But I am still working hard and staying focused. It seems unreal to think that it is all coming to an end but in these 5 weeks I know that we have lots of people to find and to help. I am enjoying every second of it and really just trying to stay animated about it all. I know with all my heart that this is the true church. And that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real. It is personal in my life. I could never have done all that I have in these last 17 months without knowing that. Christ loves us and He is always walking shoulder to shoulder with us. And in those hard times He can carry us. I have felt Him carry my burdens. It really is amazing. I invite each of you to let Christ into your lives. Let Him lighten your loads and carry your burdens. Feel His love. It is unimaginable and unending. Thank you for all your help and love and prayer! Les amo mucho!!! Hermana Stewart

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