Tuesday, February 14, 2017

14 February 2017

Well another week that has flown by way to fast... I know that this week will fly by too with doing divisions today... with a visit from Elder Rasband on Thursday and other divisions on Friday... the time flies by within the blink of an eye... it really is crazy. But I am so excited for the chance we are going to have to be with Elder Rasband. One of the apostles... really is a once in a life time chance. It is going to be awesome. And I know that we will recieve lots of answers from the Lord. The work has been going a little slow... it has been hard for us to get people to go to church and to really progress but we were able to see small miracles this week. As the Lord put us in the path of some members in the moment that they needed our help most. Really that is something powerful that I have learned in the mission... missionary work is not only baptizing and teaching investigators but really working as an instrument in the hands of the Lord to do the things that He needs us too. And it is something that has impacted my life. I have felt the Lord work through me many times. Also this last week I had the chance to go back to Barcenas in divisions... it was great to be able to see the familia Sanchez again but also a rather sad experience. I love them so much but it was sad to see that as they have but the things of the Lord to one side their lives have fallen apart a little. It was a strong testimony to me of the importance of obedience. In all manners. Satan tries to tell us that it is okay if we put the scriptures to one side and watch a football game rather then read them... or to just jump in bed and go to sleep without getting down on our knees and talking to our Heavenly Father but by the small and little things are great things brought to pass. And those things can be good things or bad things. We always need to put the Lord in first place. It brings more joy to our to lives and helps us to feel more of the Saviors love. This week we had the chance to see a video that Elder Duncan had made for all the missionaries here in Central America and I loved something that he said. Come what comes, enjoy it. We have to enjoy every single day. And really in these last few days I have found so much joy. Things may not be going to way that I want them too but I know that I am doing the things that the Lord wants me too. And that is one of my biggest goals to enjoy every second that I have left. The time that I have left here in the mission is extremely short now but I know that it is okay.... I have served the Lord in the way that he asked me to and I will keep doing it until the very last day. I love this Gospel with all my heart. It really is the true Church.. I know it with all my heart and I have the privilege to testify of it every single day. Love you all tons! Hermana Stewart

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