Friday, February 10, 2017

31 January 2017 The Beginning of the End

So this last week was a good one. Crazy with just lots of stuff happening like always. But you can imagine my surprise on Friday night when I was on divisions to get a call from President Markham telling me that I would be having my final interview the next morning. Really I cannot believe that the end is coming closer and closer. Normally this interview would have happened later but with multi zone conferences, and a visit from Elder Rasband that we are going to have the 16th of Febuary and with 24 missionaries that are going to finish President had to get them done and out of the way early. Really it was so strange to sit down and talk with President about the future... and life after the mission. But it was a good conversation. And though I hardly believe it myself I know that the end has to come. But for these last 4 weeks a lot of things still have to happen. But I have been able to reflect a lot and I have started making goals for after the mission to help me. I know that the real importance of all that I have learned in the mission will come into practice after the mission. It all applies after the mission. And this week we had a worldwide missionary broadcast which was awesome. I love being able to learn more and recieve revelation about what we need to do better. Just like last year they focused a lot in teaching repentance and baptizing converts. I love learning more about repentance. I have come to understand a lot more and I have been better able to apply the repentance process in my life. It really has changed my understanding of the Atonement and well my view on life. Repentance brings us so much peace. And it is so important that we repent every single day. We can not put it off. And the peace and relief that we need will come. Hope that you all have a great week! Thanks for everything! Les amo mucho! Hermana Stewart

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