Friday, February 10, 2017

13 December 2016 How many companions can you have in 1 week???

Well this last week was an interesting one... I found out the answer to a weird question... How many companions can you have in 1 week? Well the answer is 5. So like you all know we had changes last Tuesday and I recieved Hermana Ramos. Well on Friday night she got really really sick. And she ended up getting sent to the hospital. Well we got lucky because we had to go to the capital and the Assistants just happened to be about 30 minutes from our area. So they were able to drop by and pick us up and take us to the hospital. Which was great because it was night... we got to the hospital at 10pm. And there came President and Hermana Markham and the mission nurse and her companions (she is in a trio). And so the fun had begun. I ended up going to stay in the nurses area with her companions... well we got back to the area at 12:30... And I was so tired. Well all Saturday I was with the Hermana Stevens and Hermana Carroll. And all day I had no idea what was happening with my companion. Well on Saturday night I got a phone call from President and Hermana Markham telling me that they thought my companion had a problem with her kidneys... but that on Sunday morning that I would be headed back to my area with a temporary companion... Hermana Johnson. Who is about to finish her mission but actually started it there in La Gomera. Really it was a crazy time. And I am still her with Hermana Johnson right now. It turns out that Hermana Ramos does have a kindey infection but it is affecting her nervous system... so she is out of the hospital but has had to stay with the nurse the last few days because she cannot walk very well. So right now I really do not know what will be happening. And it has been a little hard for me not being able to see my companion or really know what has been happening with her. But really it has helped me a lot to better understand the Atonement. President Markham always says that we have to make the Atonement personal. And I feel like every single day it becomes more and more personal. It was a week full of lots of ups and downs but it was one in which I learned lots of things. I know that everything that I am learning here in the mission will help me after the mission in my life. So for right now I am just trying to push through it all. But really I love the mission. I love this Gospel with all my heart. And I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for allt hat He has done for me and does for me every single day. I hope that in this holiday season that each of you can take a little bit of time to remember all that He has done and does for you amist the holiday rushes. Les amo mucho! Hermana Stewart

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