Monday, February 1, 2016

2 November 2015 - 2 Months

So today makes 2 months in the mission. Crazy! But it has just flown by. I am writing today because we get to go to the temple tomorrow for a zone pday!!! YAY!!! I am super excited... It will be a little different going to a session in Spanish but it should be really good. We have seen lots of miracles the last couple of weeks and we have found lots of new investigators that are going to be so good. We just need to make sure that we go back and have second visits because sometimes we struggle with that in trying to make all of our other goals for the week. But life is good. The fiambre that I wrote about in my big letter was gross and my stomach today is still a little quise and unsettled because of it but just got to continue on in the work. So next year I think that I will do whatever I can to avoid it. Because it was gross. But hey gotta try new things right??? My Spanish continues to improve every day and I am starting to understand a little more. Its difficult to have to pay so much attention to everything that is said every single day all day but thats what you have to do. We are going to have a baptism on Sunday!!! YAY!!! I wrote dad more about it but his name is Juan Jose and he is 9 and he is so excited. It is awesome. So ask dad for more details becuase I do not have a lot more time to write but I wanted to send you a letter. Hope that all is going really well and that you are enjoying the fall. I miss fall... it is still really hot here. So I feel like it is summer but it really is not it is November... kinda weird not being around for all of the holidays and festivites of home around this time of year. But its all good because I am where I need to be right now. Hopefully soon I will be able to more effectively communicate in Spanish and to really be able to teach because right now I feel like I am really inadeuqate and I repeat myself a lot. But it will come over time right? It is hard to though because we have so much going on that I almost never have language study so I can not really learn more through study because we do not have time. Like this week we had district meeting this morning. Tomorrow we are going to the temple, Wednesday we have zone conference and Friday we have interviews with Presidente so I do not get language study on those days and last weekk I only had it 2 times. But I will learn eventually... it is just going to take time and I just need to have patience and trust in the Lord. All things are possible with Him. Just need to remember that. Miss you and love you so so so much! Hermana Stewart

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