Thursday, February 18, 2016

9 February 2016

Hola todos, This week has been really hard... We are really struggling here in Petapa... Our baptism and wedding that we had for this weekend fell through... And it was so hard to watch as it just kinda slipped through our grasp. Hermana Michelle had been looking for a job and she found one... but in all things there is always a catch. The job that she found is only Saturday and Sunday... from 6pm to 6pm... so she cannot attend Church anymore. And we tried to talk to her and teach her the importance of keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and to not take the job... that Heavenly Father would provide her with a better one... but Satan is very tricky... And with this Hermana ultimately she could only see the here in now... but we are going to try and visit her this week to see what happened... But it was super hard to watch... and just in our area in general we have been struggling a lot... with the members, the investigators, and the converts... we have been working really hard but we just always seem to hit a road block... and in all honesty I really do not know why... And we are searching for answers and they are going to come but in the Lords time. And who knows what will happen... We have changes again on Tuesday and I think that I am going to leave the area... but in reality I really do not know... But because of changes I will not be writing until Wednesday next week... but we are working really hard still and hopefully we will see miracles soon here... We have been recieve a lot of guidance from the leaders here in the mission of what we need to do to be better and I am really trying to make changes in my life... and one thing that we talked about today in Zone training was that we need to not just make plans... but we need to act on them. And I think that is something that to often we fail at... putting plans into action.. So that is one of my big goals... to actually put everything into action... to not waste anymore time on my mission just feeling like I am not doing all that I could. Because in reality there is so much that we need to do to be better... each and everyday. Know that I love you all and that I am always so thankful for your examples and your prayers! Les amo mucho, Hermana Stewart

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