Monday, February 1, 2016

24 November 2015 - VIDA

Hola todos, This last week went by so fast. We have just been oh so busy... Never have enough time in a day. But that is okay because it means we are working hard. This week a couple of things really hit me. Primiarily that Satan is real. He does not want us to be happy and he will do just about anything to keep us from experiencing success in this life. But Heavenly Father is ALWAYS stronger. He knows everything single thing in our lives and he wants to help us with them. He loves us so much... more then we can even imagine. And it is so amazing because we can always rely on Him. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is real and it can change our lives if we let it. And as we approach this holiday season I have thought a lot about my Savior. And how thankful I am for His sacrifice for me. That He was willing to lay down His life for me in order for me to have the opprotunity to return to live with my Heavenly Father again. This Gospel has truly changed my life and it continues to change my life every single day. And how glorious is the opprotunity that we have to learn more about our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ every single day. This last week I have been reading in the Book of Mormon in 3 Nephi about Christ's visit to the America's. And how glorious that was. That he was able to come and teach this people. And one thing that really hit me was when it talks about how we need to hide up our treasures in heaven. To often we are so focused on having the nicest things or the newest things but really we should be more focused on how we are spiritually. How is our relationship with our Heavenly Father? What can we do in order to improve this relationship every single day? We have the time in this life to prepare to meet God how are we using this time? That is one thing that I have been thinking about a lot because when we die we are not going to have all the things of this world. So how are we preparing ourselves for the eternities? Just a little thought for the day. I hope that everyone has an AMAZING Thanksgiving. We will not be celebrating it here in Guatemala but I will definitely be thinking about all of you. Remember to be thankful for all of the wonderful things that our Heavenly Father has given you. And take the time to kneel down and offer a prayer of thanksgiving to Him. I am so thankful for each of you and your love, support, and prayers. Have a wonderful and save holiday! Les amo mucho!!! Hermana Stewart

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