Monday, February 1, 2016

19 January 2016 - BUENAS!!!

Hola todos... So I am going to try and attach a few pictures... Not sure if I sent them before but yeah.. I am going to be sending more pictures now because I bought an adaptador for my camera and so I can actually send them... But yeah the first is a tshirt I bought when we wnet to Antigua... which was a long time ago... and the other is from Christmas... That is what we had for dinner. It was super good. This week was super good.... Super crazy but good. We are changing a lot of things here in the mission but all is for what the Lord wants. We changed how we do divisions now and so we were not in our area for 24 hours... no one was in our area... and so when we came back we were running around like crazy to have lessons and do all the things we needed. But it was good and I could really see the hand of the Lord this week in helping us to be able to have all of the things that we needed. And Hermana Ruiz is amazing... It is a little strange that now I have not spoken English in almost a week but it has been so good. We have laughed a lot as a companionship and we have really been learning. At times we do not always understand each other but it is okay because we are Heavenly Father is always helping us. I have really been learning how to be exactly obedient from Hermana Ruiz and it is really going to help me for the rest of my mission to be the best missionary possible. We have been struggling a lot in our area but we know if we continue doing all that we need to and all that we can soon we are going to see miracles here in Petapa. And I am super excited for it. But yeah... that is a mini update on my life... Dont really have much else to say... But always remember that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you! That the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real and that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know all the things in your live. They are here ALWAYS to help you. Just turn to them and they can really change your live. It is amazing. Have an amazing week! LES AMO MUCHO! Hermana Stewart

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