Thursday, February 18, 2016

17 February 2016 - Hay Cambios

So I am no longer in Petapa... We had changes yesterday and I am now in another part of the capital, Barcenas... and we are opening área here... That means that both the missionaries are new to the área... So basically we do not know the área at all but we are really excited for this opprotunity to be here and to work. My companion is Hermana Vasquez... She is from Peru and she only has about 2 more weeks in the misión then me... So we both have about 6 months and we both just left our first área here in the misión. But we are really excited for this opprotunity to work here in this área. It is a big área... lots of people... and we are really excited to be able to work here and to help these people here in this área... it is going to be quite the experience but I have faith that it will all be for the better and that we can really help these people here to come unto Christ. We are the only Hermanas here in the Zone of Villa Nueva... which is going to be an experience but also really good. This zone wants to really work hard and change to be the best posible. And we are really going to do all that we can to help these people. The misión is defintely an experience and a change but all has been for the good and we are really excited to really work here and to help these people. Faith and the Spirit are going to be so key for us in the next couple of weeks but I am excited. Love you all a ton and thank you so much for your prayers. Les amo mucho Hermana Stewart

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