Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2 February 2016 - Time Flies

Guatemala for 5 months.... WHAT!?!?!? It has gone by so fast but it has been so good. This week was a little rough... We did a lot of door knocking and were rejected a lot... lots of doors slammed in our faces... and yesterday we did not have P-day and so our bodies are really feeling tired today. But all of this has been so good... And it has been super interesting too because we starting quoting a talk of Elder Holland a lot... That says something like ¨Presidents at times your missionaries my ask President why is this so hard... why do we not have more success... why aren't people just flocking to the font if our message is true??? I am convinced that missionary work is not easy because Salvation is not a cheap experience!¨ And this has really hit home to me this week because it was hard... and we are experiencing for just a short moment what Jesus Christ experienced and went through. President Markham always says that we need to make the Atonement of Jesus Christ personal... and that has been something that I have really been trying to do in my life. And use repentance... every single day.... it is so vital in our lives and it also is so hard but we can make changes and we can be better. And this morning we had Zone training and it was absolutely amazing... the leaders of this mission are so inspired. Presidente y Hermana Markham, the Assistants and our zone leaders really just spoke to our hearts this morning. And all the talked about was the things that as a mission we need to be better at. What we need to change or improve to have baptisms and to be guided by the Spirit. And there were 3 specific things... Be obediente... with exactness. Be diligent always... And do not lie, do not lie, do not lie. It was super good. Just to be reminded of all of the basic things that we need to do to be converted and to be worthy. And I have realized that there are a lot of things that I need to change... I am far from perfect... and one of the things that has really hit home to me this week is that without the Atonement of Jesus Christ we cannot do anything. We cannot return to live with our Heavenly Father but what Jesus Christ did for us... He did out of love... Because He loves us perfectly and He knows how to help us with all things. But we just need to be humble... get rid of all of our pride and we will be able to see miracles in our lives. And this week we say a miracle. We have been teaching a family. Alberto and Mishell... Alberto is a member but was inactive for 20 years... and he decided to come back to the church and Mishell is not a member but she came with him. And we have really been working with them... And this week they accepted a date to be married the 13 of Februrary and for Mishell to be baptized this same day. And it was so amazing to just see the desires that they have to be members and to be active. Seriously it is like they are already members of the ward. And they were prepared when we found them because we did not find them... the Lord put them in the Church.... He reminded them of the importance of this Gospel. And it has been so cool to just watch everything happen. And I am super excited for Friday because we are going to have Zone P-day and we are going to the temple. And I am really excited to have the opportunity to enter into the House of the Lord another time and to just feel of His peace and love and to receive personal revelation and help in all things. But yeah... I know with all of my heart that this is the true Church of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. That they live and love us perfectly and that they help us in ALL things in our lives. And I want to invite each of you to repent... find them in your lives and change in the way that they want you too. Trust me when I say that they will help you in all things and that with them we can do all things and that we can never fail. Have an amazing week! Les amo mucho!!! Hermana Stewart

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