Monday, November 2, 2015

Pequeño milagros

Hola todos! This week has been good... hard but good. I feel super inadequate with the language but I know that it will come over time. I just need to keep working. We have seen some miracles this week. First off the last 2 Mondays we have visited members just out of promptings and being in the area and both times we have found new investigators in their houses! It is so crazy. One is the grandson of a member... his name is Juan Jose and the other is the grandpa of a recent convert and with this man he never comes out when we visit but he did yesterday. And he watched a video about the Restoration with us and he had lots of questions and comments and he commited to a baptism date! We hope that we will have atleast one baptism this week. We have an investigator named Carlos who is so ready and I know that he knows it is true but he is so hesitant to get baptized so hopefully this week it will happen! Just got to have faith and pray right? But yeah it has been so cool to see these things happen and to experience changes in peoples lives... Hopefully we can continue to find success and find lots more people to teach that are ready. This last week it has been hot here.... I feel like I am always sweating and I am so thankful that I am not in the Coast because it is so much warmer there... But apparently we are heading into the cold season here so we shall see. Fun fact about people in Guatemala... lots of people already have their Christmas trees up! And we think that anything before Thanksgiving is early.... but they do not have Thanksgiving here so its a little different. But it cracks me up and Hermana Wong is already singing Christmas hymns all the time so that is funny to me too. This Sunday is day of the dead here in Guatemala so it will be different to see what exactly they do for that holiday and to see if we can find and teach people... The food here is really good but I really can not eat big portions here... most meals consist of tortillas, beans and or rice, some kind of vegetable, and usually meat... mostly chicken because we are not really allowed to eat anything else. So its so funny because every meal I always have to ask for a little but Hermana Wong eats a lot so the members are always worried about me not eating enough but I really can not eat much. My ponderizing scripture for this week is 2 Nephi 25:26. And it reminds me a lot that all things we do should point to Christ and that on the mission we are doing his work and always always talking about Him and we need to center our lives in Him. So that is my focus for the week. Other then that I do not really have much more to say... Thank you for all your prayers and emails! Con amor, Hermana Stewart

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