Wednesday, August 31, 2016

9 August 2016 - The Mission Bites

So this week was a super good week for us. It was so so so full of miracles. This last week we were working in a part of our area and in the street there was a man just sitting there with his little girl. And my companion just said I am going to go talk to this man. And so we sat there in the street and taught him a lesson. And then the next day when we went back to visit him we found him in his house with his wife. And we taught them both and they accepted a baptismal date and everything. And on Sunday Hermano Erick and Hermana Dorcus went to church for the first time. I have never found an investigator that went to church the first Sunday... or atleast that I can remember. So really it was a huge miracle. And we have another investigator that we have been teaching Hermano Mynor... right now he has about 5 months of being an investigator but he has never been baptized. Well right now he just got super positive. He went to a baptismal service on Sunday and he really liked it and in the last few days he has had a whole bunch of questions for us. Really it is amazing to see how the Lord prepares people for us. It has really blown my mind. And really in the last few days I have just really been able to feel the love that God has for every single one of his children. It is huge. And in the last few days I have really felt blessed to have the opprotunity to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord to help his children feel of his love and to just be able to help them to understand the will of God. Really sometimes I feel helpless in being able to help the people in their live situations but I know that the Lord can help them and he does that little by little through us. And every day we are seeing and experiencing miracles. Really I love my companion. We are completely on the same page and we have the same desires and we have just been working hard to be able to do all the Lord needs us to do. Oh yay... and about the title of this letter... well sometimes there are bites in live... and this week Hermana Stewart had a few of those... on Friday I got bit by ants or like fire ants or something not 1 but 2 times and that hurts.... for awhile it itched a lot but it went away super fast.... but that is just about the luck of Hermana Stewart but really it was a little funny... Hope that you all have a great week. Remember that God lives and loves you and that he always will be there with you to help you do all that you need too. Les amo mucho! Hermana Stewart

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