Wednesday, August 31, 2016

31 May 2016 - Time Flies

Well the time here in the mission really has a way of passing me by... This week I am going to complete 9 months in the mission... the half way point... And with Jason finishing his mission this week too I have been doing an awful lot of thinking in the last few days. Really the time just flies by so fast and we never want to waste a minute of it because the time here in the mission is so precious. I thank my Heavenly Father every single day for the chance that he has given me to be here in Guatemala to help his children return to Him. And this week as a mission we saw so many miracles. Since I entered here in the mission field in October we have had a goal to have 200 baptisms as a mission. And this month we finally met this goal... as a mission here in Guatemala Central we were able to watch 201 of God's children enter into the waters of baptism and be made clean. And really it was something that as a mission we worked so hard for... we really all had the same goal and we worked as a team to make it. That is something that we have focused so much in. We are a team. And we are here to work together not to compete and we have just seen so many miracles and really just an outpouring of love that God has for each and everyone of His children. It really just astounds me some days how much Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us and how much He helps us every single day. And this week we had the chance to have divisions with the Hermana Leaders. And I had the opprotunity to stay here in Linda Vista with Hermana Hyland. It was a little strange to be with another Norte for a day but really those divisions were exactly what we both needed. We were able to learn so many things and to just really be able to make goals for our area to be better. And I love divisions...really they are so inspired because they help us to be better and to recieve that guidance from our leaders here in the mission. But yeah... that is about all that I have to write for this week. Hope that you all have a great week! Les amo mucho! Hermana Stewart

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