Wednesday, August 31, 2016

12 July 2016 - Una gringa comiendo una gringa....

1- This week I had the chance to see a Hermana from my first area... she was in the stake center catering an activity and when we passed by to get to our house in the night someone told me that she was there... And this is chicken cordon bleu... so yummy. It really was super fun to be able to see her and her daughter again. That family helped us so much there and we ate with them every Sunday... some of the best food that I have eaten in my entire mission because she is a caterer. 2- A gringa eating a gringa... so this food is called a gringa...really it is basically a quesadilla... but it was super yummy. PS funny story so we live in a resdencial that is behind the stake center... well it is faster and safer to pass through the church to get to our house and here in Central America all the churches have a gate... well we have a key to pass through there and so every night we always pass through the church... and I think that a lot of people think that we live there in the church.... LES AMOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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