Wednesday, August 31, 2016

30 August 2016 - Time is Flying By

Lets see.... well another week has come and gone way to fast. This last week was a good one. We had a baptism of a little girl named Valentina... she is 10. Her mom is a member but they left attending church for a time but we found them again and she wanted to be baptized so we began preparing and getting everything ready. And she had a big fear of water but she was able to overcome it and everything went really well for her baptism. And we have another hermano that is preparing to be baptized on Sunday. His name is Cesar Diaz. His wife is a member but has been more or less active for years. Well they have been going to church on and off again. But this last week he finally made the decision to be baptized and put his own baptismal date for Sunday! Yay! Really it is a huge miracle and I am very excited for this family. And we are working really hard to be able to find others that are going to progress and that are going to be ready to be baptized. The work is moving forward.... really it is so special and it goes by way to fast but we are here trying to do everything that we can in the timing of the Lord. Really I love the mission and this time to serve and it is really changing my life and helping me to be a better person. Les amo mucho!!! Hermana Stewart

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