Tuesday, November 15, 2016

11 Oct 2016

Buenas! Well hope that all is super well with the Family. Things are going well here in Guatemala... just loving the mission and the work. This week was a little bit of a hard week. We felt very decieved by one of our investigators that was baptized last week. Before her baptism she had been living with a man that was married to someone else and did not want to be divorced. Well he cheated on her and she found out and he left her... but on Sunday night after her baptism they started their relationship again... and she did not tell us until Friday night that they had been living together again. And well for that she had broken the law of Chastity she was not able to be confirmed. And really it was sad because as we talked with her well she really did not have a desire to repent... And really it is sad to see how Satan tricks people into sinning. Really sad. And well on Friday I was just thinking a lot about the Atonement and how much Christ suffered for each of us... and I am always thinking about if I am making it so that sacrifice was in vain. We have to keep being better every single day and we have to make it so that Christ sacrifice is not in vain. He suffered so much and I am so thankful for that sacrifice because it makes it possible for us to be better too. But yeah last week we almost were not in our area but we made the little time that we had together count and we have been changing and being better every day. Hope you all have a great week! Love ya! Hermana Stewart

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