Thursday, October 8, 2015

Last week in CCM

So in just one short week we will be heading our for the mission field! Seems so crazy but I am beyond excited about it!!! Because of leaving next week I may or may not actually write so don't panic if you don't hear anything from me next week. Conference this week was amazing!! I loved hearing from the prophets and apostles and just learning everything. The new apostles are amazing! I loved that 2 of them said that the gospel is proclaimed by the weak and simple because that is definitely me here. And I loved in Women's conference when Elder Uchtdorf said that "faith can turn your entire life around. Faith leads to hope and faith and hope give confidence that one day all will turn out how it is supposed to." That just really hit home to me. And on Sunday night we watched a devotional with Elder Holland and then had a devotional with Presidente Cox about it and it made me so excited to be heading out into the field next week. One of the things I loved from Elder Holland was that he said "Don't you dare turn tail and run, don't you dare abondon Him, Don't you dare run even when it is hard stand and defend and be true and let the Lord count on you. Don't you dare go home with a regret" It was just so powerful to hear and to just rededicate myself to the work and to make sure that I truly do everything that I can in the next year and a half to bring others unto Christ. And some of the things I loved from Presidente Cox were "There is no turning back! Never EVER turn back the Lord will not turn on us. Going home is not an option we came to finish. And you quit now you quit forever." They were all just so powerful and I know that there is so much more for me to do to be the best missionary possible and I am trying to be that with all my heart. 
So fun fact for the week... I learned some Kekchi yesterday. Kekchi is a Guatemalan language that is spoken here in Guatemala... mostly in the Cobon mission. So we learned yes which is eehe' and no which is inka'. And this language is so hard to understand and speak... but it is so cool to here. There are 7 elders here in the CCM that are learning Kekchi and they have to be here for 8 week which is crazy!!! I would not want to be here for that long! 
So I totally forgot about our experience last week and I totally would have forgotten about it if people hadn't asked me about it. But it was a super cool experience. We got to go into a market and it was super weird but also really cool to be out among people and the culture. I am definitely going to have a little bit of a culture shock next week but it will be good. And we did place a Book of Mormon to a mother and daughter and it was cool. The daughter wasn't really intrested so we didn't get any more information from them to send missionaries to them. But when we were leaving the mother hugged us and said that she hopes that wouldn't be the last time she saw us in this life so that was super interesting. But I am so excited for next week to be out among the people and to really be able to help them!!! Thats all for this week! Hope that all is going well with everyone! I love reading about how everyone is doing and what all is happening! Thank you so much for your prayers!!! 

Con amor,
Hermana Stewart

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